Zombie Manic will always be free to use, but running servers isn't cheap. Help us open new servers and add new features by purchasing a premium package. Not only do you help us develop this great game, but you get some great premium only perks too.

Silver Gold Platinum Emerald Obsidian
Reserved Slot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Colored Name Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gamemode Preference Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Starter Kit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beta Testing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lounge Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creative Server Plots 1 2 3 4 5
Mumble Channel No No Yes Yes Yes
Head in Hub No No Yes Yes Yes
Days 90 Days 180 Days 360 Days 720 Days 1440 Days
Price $15 $25 $50 $90 $180
Add Silver to Cart Add Gold to Cart Add Platinum to Cart Add Emerald to Cart Add Obsidian to Cart

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Reserved slot access
Each server will have 5 reserved slots for premium members only, so you'll always be able to play at peak time when servers are full.

Priority Gamemode Preference
Tired of not getting the on the team you wanted? Players with premium have a much higher chance of getting on the team they selected.

Colored name tag
The color is based on the package you purchase.

Premium Starter Kit
Start each game with a stone sword and 10 arrows when human.

Head in the Hub
Become a part of Zombie Manic - literally. Platinum and Emerald will have their head and name placed in the hub for everyone to see.

Premium Lounge
Silver premiums and higher get access to the premium lounge. What is inside? Only premium players know that.

Creative Server Plots
Silver premiums and higher get access to the creative server. Land is divided into plots which are controlled by the owner. Each plot is 180x180 blocks. Signs for the server can be found in the Premium Lounge.

Mumble Channel
You get your own mumble channel where you can create new rooms, password protect them, and move or mute other users in your channel. Ideal if you want to keep your conversations private or have a faction channel.

Beta access to new games
We've started developing new games alongside Zombie Manic. Premium users will be invited to help us beta test and play games early.